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About us

Meet the Founders

- brother and sister -

Angelica and Jerod


It all started with our parents.

From the start, ViteDox Nutrition has been about family, authenticity and a core commitment to our collective well-being.

“It all started with our parents. Back in 1976 they met at a naturopathic college and soon began their first herb-based venture- a foundation for herbal retreats that eventually evolved into a naturopathic lectures built on our parents’ values. While the project was a success, they learned that they wanted to do more than educate, they wanted to work with the plants themselves. They started wildcrafting in the hills around town, relying on their books to help them identify herbs and teach them how to revive traditional methods of herbalism. By 1987, they were successfully extracting herbs they’d grown and harvested in a lab attached to their home. Over the next 10 years, as their products became more and more popular, they turned our home into a hub for the growing company. They built an additional house lab to make extracts. Our dining room became the shipping department. We remember mom sitting at the table, using a typewriter to create labels for each bottle. Our home and lab became a classroom where mom and dad could pass their knowledge down to us - the future herbalists. We grew up with the belief that good health belongs to the real world. That’s why after our parents sadly passed away, we decided to continue their heritage and in 2017 we founded ViteDox.”


Angelica and Jerod Rames
CoFounders & CoCEOs of ViteDox

Our Mission

ViteDox Nutrition’s mission is to provide those striving for a healthier lifestyle with wellness supplements you can FULLY TRUST. With an obsession on premium ingredients and loving care, we minimize the use of artificial flavoring, sugar, or fillers. Always lab analyzed and certified for purity, we only produce products that we would put in our own bodies. So join our community to enhance your health and maintain your fast paced, active lifestyle.

Quality Natural Products

All products at Vitedox are sustainable, plant-derived, and finished as close to nature as possible without any harmful substances. Our strict requirements for ingredient quality and comprehensive scientific processes ensure that every lot of ingredients accepted into our facilities meets our stringent specifications.

Comprehensive Levels of Testing

Our in-house laboratories test everything from raw ingredients to finished products to ensure that what’s on the label is in the bottle or package. We maintain in-house laboratories, instruments, and staff that allow us to analyze faster, be more adaptive, and provide fresher products, all at reduced costs for our customers.

Superior Manufacturing

Vitedox has paved the way for industry-leading manufacturing standards of dietary supplements and natural products. We control the manufacturing process from start to finish, ensuring that every step of the product journey meets our stringent standards for quality and safety.

Our Team

Our team of highly qualified & highly motivated people is driven by a passion to promote the health and well-being of our customers. It’s super important to us that we work in a friendly environment, doing the things we’re all passionate about. Together, we often spend time out of the office, at family gatherings, celebrations or just random walks. You can hear us talking about nutrition anywhere we go. It’s in our hearts. All of this is proof that we are a perfect team.

A Few Fun Facts about Us

Our favorite ways to de-stress:

Work out




Happy hour




The ones we take care of

32 plants

6 cats

3 kids & a baby

1 dog

Our top health goals

More energy (!)


Less stress


Healthy heart


Better digestion


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We are proud of how we make our supplements, and we’re proud of our efforts to keep getting better.

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