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This Natural Herb Supports My Lungs

I used to be in tears every single day.

The first thing I do each morning is head to the bathroom, and by the time I get back to bed, I'm already huffing and puffing and experiencing discomfort and tightness in my chest.

This shouldn't be you!

There are many factors that could be responsible for this feeling. Some of them that get in the way of optimal lung health include: 

1. Dealing with recurring allergies or respiratory complaints such as Asthma, COPD, and bronchiectasis

2. Living in polluted environments

3. Leading a sedentary lifestyle

4. Being a present or ex-smoker 

And let's be honest, most of us check off at least one of those things on that list. 

Anyway, a couple of months ago I grabbed something new. It wasn’t my oxygen or inhaler. It is a simple, extremely inexpensive, and truly enjoyable plant known for cleaning the lungs. It has the power to help your lungs in some amazing ways.

I did years of damage to my respiratory and cardiovascular system through years of smoking, but I can imagine how much worse it could have been without the power of this plant.


The silvery green leaves and bright purple flowers of Lungwort have been utilized for thousands of years in traditional herbalism. 

This gentle herb has been used extensively in European and North American folk medicine and thus has a plethora of folk tales associated with it. 

Lungwort has been used traditionally as a remedy for the respiratory tract, bronchitis, and asthma. It is commonly used as a herbal tea and tincture.

Lungwort is our absolute favorite when it comes to all things lung-related. 

This gentle plant seems to focus its energy in a very effective way in the lungs, and it gets to work fast!


Lungwort by ViteDox helps remove any 'gunk' from the lungs via its gentle yet thorough expectorant abilities. It helps the lungs purge themselves of mucous and phlegm that have taken their fill of toxins, pollutants, and foreign matter so that they can be given healthy replacements.

Like many herbs, Lungwort has natural mucilage which soothes, coats, and protects the respiratory system from the mouth to the lungs.

In many cases, recurring lung issues are wrapped up in an inflammation cycle. Lungwort is a gentle anti-inflammatory that focuses on the lungs, so it can help reduce inflammation in the various passages and tissues in the lungs giving way to easier breathing.

Lungwort can help turn your mucus-blocked airways into clean healthy airways so more air can pass through.

Lungwort has been used traditionally as a tonic tea or extract by people with asthma, COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, inflammation, respiratory allergies, recurring congestion, smoker's cough, exercise-induced lung strain, and anxiety-related breathing issues.

​Clears out phlegm and mucous.

    ✔ Increases lung circulation

      ✔ Deepens and relax breathing 

        ✔ Nourishes the lungs with essential vitamins and minerals 

        Naturally, it’s quickly becoming a massive hit among those with chronic lung conditions – but that’s not all. EVERYONE could use stronger lungs, right?


        What people are saying about Lungwort by ViteDox:

        ⦿ Since taking the supplement I’ve never felt better! - Peter Dixon, 56

        ⦿ Even if I cough rubbish up out of my lungs it doesn't hurt and stays clear most of the day. I only take the capsules once a day and it’s enough for me to start feeling the positive benefits of this herbal plant.- Rachel Smith, 67

        ⦿ Not only am I happy, but so are my doctor and thousands of others who are discovering all ViteDox products (it’s already got a 4.1-star rating with 1000+ reviews).

        ⦿ I have asthma. When I get a cold it always ravages my lungs. I casually bought this supplement but had no idea how truly effective it would be. I used it with my last cold and it helped greatly as an expectorant, inflammation soother and actually calmed the cough. I still can’t believe it.- Lisa Samuel, 30

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        This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

        This information does not constitute medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such.
        Consult with your doctor before modifying your regular medical regime.

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