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Innovative probiotic grabbed the attention of Filipino doctors

They were most impressed by how fast it works

The probiotic, which impressed doctors in the United States and Europe, grabbed the attention of Filipino medics. This probiotic has proven itself how fast it improves the digestive system. This is the reason why it immediately found a place in the practice of a wide range of native specialists.

The exclusive product, bearing the trade name ViteDox Probiotic 60 Billion, is manufactured using patented technology, which guarantees its qualities.

60 Billion CFU

Thanks to the manufacturing  technology, ViteDox Probiotic has an optimal amount of live probiotic bacteria - 60 billion CFU’s. The technology allows ViteDox to deliver the full amount of "good" bacteria directly to the small intestine, where they settle and immediately begin to work. Due to this specificity, ViteDox Probiotic has a quick effect, which is felt at the beginning of the reception.

Specialists prefer ViteDox Probiotic

In just a year or two ViteDox Probiotic has become one of the most preferred probiotics by specialists. Doctors use it for a wide range of stomach and digestive problems. Experience on local soil has confirmed the special qualities of ViteDox Probiotic and the product is already in the forefront. It is no coincidence that experts in the field of pharmacy awarded ViteDox with the prize "Most Innovative Product of 2020" at the international exhibition Pharm Expo in Naples. And this is not the only award - this year a commission of prominent specialists in the field of pharmacy, phytotherapy and technology nominated ViteDox Probiotic as "Product №1 for 2022" at the prestigious symposium Philippine Pharmaceutical Days, organized by the Philippine Pharmaceutical Union.

Supports digestive health

ViteDox Probiotic reduces stomach heaviness and bloating, even in people with irregular and unhealthy diets. It regulates the bowel movements, which helps the body get rid of accumulated toxins. ViteDox Probiotic is also extremely valuable for people undergoing antibiotic treatment, as it successfully protects against the negative effects of strong drugs on the gastrointestinal tract.

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