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How To Naturally Improve Your Digestive Health

Most of us can recognize the symptoms of an unbalanced digestive system: acid reflux, bloating, stomach pains, discomfort, constipation, excess gas, etc. But once they set in, do you know how to get back to neutral?

More and more studies show that the balance or imbalance of bacteria in your digestive system is linked to overall health and disease. Probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria and have been linked to a wide range of health benefits. These include benefits for weight loss, digestive health, immune function and more.

Breakthrough Digestive Care

ViteDox Probiotic 60 Billion is a groundbreaking formula offering an essential combination of crucial, proprietary probiotics plus prebiotics, scientifically proven to promote health and function of the digestive tract as well as helping boost immune system function.

★ 9 Clinically Studied Spore-Forming Probiotic Strains Maximize Effectiveness

★ Unprecedented 60 Billion CFUs of Powerful Probiotics

★ Fast-Acting Help to Reduce Indigestion, Gas, and Bloating

★ Replenishes healthy GI microflora & Promotes a normal bowel pattern

What Researchers Are Calling The Most Advanced Probiotic Formula On The Market

ViteDox Probiotic not only contains the necessary probiotic strains, but we ensured that it has the proper clinical doses of each to provide you with great results. The multiple strains in our product have been clinically shown to improve gastrointestinal health. A large majority of other probiotics boast a large number of probiotics, but they are actually filling their quota by utilizing billions of colony-forming units (CFUs) of ineffective probiotic strains, making them essentially useless. We’ve ensured that our product is not filled with any fillers and is providing your body with the strains it actually needs to improve your health.

An Effective, Proactive Way to Replenish Healthy GI microflora

- Better digestion and nutrient absorption means you get more energy from the food you eat

- Helps alleviate occasional gas, bloating, and indigestion

- No unnecessary fillers

- Survives stomach acid and the digestive process

- Helps support nutrient digestion and absorption

Beat The Bloat, Enjoy More “Regular” Trips to the Bathroom, and Have A Gut Tougher Than Nails!

ViteDox Probiotic spore-form probiotics have a seed-like structure that allows them to survive the treacherous journey down your esophagus

Within Hours

Whether you notice it or not, ViteDox Probiotic begins working quickly after taking them. While the differences may literally be microscopic, the restoration of your gut microbiome begins almost immediately.

1 Week

ViteDox Probiotic gives your immune system support usually within about 30 days. Other problems with indigestion, bloating, and gas should become rare.

2 Months

The first benefits you may notice are for the more immediate symptoms of poor digestive health, such as less-frequent indigestion and acid reflux, reduced diarrhea, reduced constipation, and less overall gas.

3 Months and Beyond

As the weeks go by, a healthy microbiome balance can support your overall health. By now, regular ViteDox Probiotic doses and your healthy lifestyle changes will feel more automatic.

Say Goodbye to Stomach Bloating, Sluggish Digestion, and Inconsistent Bowels with ViteDox Probiotic

Not long ago, scientists thought that bowel disorders like IBS, Colitis, and Crohn's Disease were autoimmune conditions resulting from the immune system attacking itself and causing inflammation. Now, however, scientists realize that immune system is attacking harmless bacteria and food in the gut.1 Restoring balance can reduce, and even eliminate, inflammation.

Helps with Weight Goals

ViteDox Probiotic work to help you break down food and create short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which help you burn fat. Having a well-functioning gut with a proper balance of good bacteria helps your system digest and process foods quicker and easier

Helps Repair Gut Lining

ViteDox Probiotic contains prescription grade ingredients shown to soothe and support your digestive tract lining, and help your body naturally combat issues related to IBS, SIBO & Leaky Gut. The product also has 3 key digestive enzymes — which nourish the gut lining and target the root causes of Leaky Gut.

Promotes Digestive Health

Along with our proprietary blend of soothing ingredients, spore-forming probiotics, ViteDox Probiotic also contains a whopping 400 mg of L-Glutamine — a crucial tool for supporting intestinal health.

Stronger Immune System

ViteDox Probiotic works to stimulate peripheral T-lymphocytes and Blymphocytes, two types of white blood cells that are essential to battle disease. Our proprietary Spore form probiotics train the immune system. They act like a police force, eliminating the bad bacteria, while helping the good bacteria grow and flourish

Enhance Brain Function

The gut and brain are linked via the gut-brain axis. Further, the majority of our hormones and neurotransmitters originate in the gut. For example, 95% of serotonin (the happy hormone) gets produced in the digestive tract. ViteDox Probiotic highly potent endospore formulation ensures 100% survival rate of precise amounts of beneficial bacteria, so that you're to balance your mood and cognitive functions.


The Amazing Ingredients Inside

ViteDox Probiotic 60 Billion is The World’s #1 Rate Probiotic Supplement for a Reason.

Doctor-Formulated ForBroad-Spectrum Digestive Health.

As a gastrointestinal doctor with years of experience under my belt I've seen my fair share of patients come in with common intestinal concerns. I most often recommend two things. These two things work time and time again and I have watched in amazement as they instill confidence in my patients.First, getting the proper nutrition can and will improve your health substantially. Most people already know this.

Second, using a good, solid probiotic can help support your digestive, immune and overall health. This surprises a lot of my patients. I can't believe how small of a percentage of people dealing with typical digestive upset use probiotics regularly.When my patients ask me what probiotic is best, I recommend ViteDox Probiotic.

It has 10 Robust, Potent Probiotic Strains, The correct amount of CFU for maximum relief and guarantees 100% Survival Rate. I consider this to be the most complete probiotic on the market today.

With 100% Survival Rate, ViteDox Probiotic Cannot Be Beat!

Our Spore-Form Extraction Process In Only Used By Us, Therefore No Other Product Can Compete With ViteDox Probiotic No Matter How Hard They Try.


ViteDox Probiotic was able to make it ALL THE WAY through the challenging stomach acid to the small intestine when no other could!

ViteDox Probiotic arrived 100% ALIVE! Proving itself as the ONLY 100% effective full-spectrum probiotic formula that breaks down all types of food with ease, which aids digestion… supports healthy bowels… boosts immune systems — without refrigeration or special ‘coating'!

Enjoy ViteDox Probiotic, a powerful defensive strategy against appetite, cravings, digestion, and metabolism — in 1 easy-to-use formula! It’s like getting 4 different formulas in 1—joining forces to help your body look and feel its absolute best! Who knew looking and feeling so great could be this easy?

With 100% Survival Rate, ViteDox Probiotic cannot be beat. Most other probiotics aren’t protected from stomach acids and will die well before they reach your gut, rending their billions of CFU’s completely useless. A dead probiotic isn’t a probiotic at all!

The Biggest Challenge with Probiotics is Potency and Absorption - ViteDox Probiotic 60 Billion has solved the problem!


Our Digestive system is by design extremely acidic. ViteDox Probiotic spore-form probiotics have a seed-like structure that allows them to survive the treacherous journey down your esophagus…


This means these probiotics actually make it to your colon, where they can proliferate and promote vibrant, robust health!

How to Take ViteDox Probiotic

As a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsule daily on an empty stomach or between meals. Those with sensitivity concerns may prefer to take with a small meal.

How Does ViteDox Probiotic Compare to the Competition?

Learn The Secret Of Why ViteDox Probiotic Is So Popular.

Hear the truth directly from our customers.

“I bought it about a month ago and I love it, help me a lot with my digestive problems. Just perfect.” Edna

“My gut issues are under control, no more running to the restroom after meals, or embarrassing, painful gurgling sounds. Another high-quality ViteDox product. Thank you!” Eva. S

“The best product ever!! It’s been a lifesaver. All my digestive issues are gone, no more sugar cravings in the afternoon... I wish I’d have found it before.” Dona

“Struggling with SIBO, it has been frustrating trying to find a probiotic that works. I did have a couple brands that I did pretty well with, but once I found ViteDox probiotic it really felt like the others I was using did nothing. This is a wonderful product and I am so grateful to have found it.” Gilbert

“Let’s just say that I didn’t know how much I was hurting myself until I tried the ViteDox Probiotic 60 Billion. When I switched from my other probiotic to this, it was a world of difference. Thanks ViteDox.” Sarah

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